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Scooter license in Taiwan

 Now that I have gone through the scooter license process I thought I would share my experience and the process. I would first like to mention that if you have a car and scooter license or either of from your home country, you may be able to exchange it for a local license quite easily. First you will need to check whether there is a reciprocity agreement in place by going here . It isn't done on a country by country level for the most part, instead it is based on individual states provinces, territories etc. For instance a California license cannot be exchanged. Unlike what I was told when I tried to exchange my license I was told they would take my home license from me, and as such I decided against exchanging it. I tried at two different offices and both told me the same thing. They were adamant that they would not let me keep my existing license. Now for the driver's license process and how I did it. As I live in Banqiao I completed the entire process at Banqiao Motor Vehic