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Joining a gym

Somewhere along the line I decided I did not have enough Taiwan adventures and decided I needed to join a gym. Honestly though, I hadn't been to a gym at this point in nearly two years mostly due to travels and then the lockdowns in Toronto, and let's just say it was showing and not in a good way. Step one - scour the net for options. I got lead to the following conclusions: Avoid World Gym at all costs Consider using the gyms based on pay per minute Consider other gyms And so my journey began. First stop was the New Taipei City Tucheng Civil Sports Center. This place pretty much has it all. A gym, skating rink, spin bikes, ping pong and billiard tables. I considered the pay as you go option, but here's how it would work. To use the gym facilities it is $1 NTD per minute, there is limited equipment, and it was extremely busy. The spin classes would cost $100 per class. As I spend roughly 1.5 hours at the gym at a time it would cost me $90 NTD per visit and at 4 times