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Taiwanese lunch and dinner dishes

 Since I covered breakfast foods, figured it is only fair to cover some traditional lunch and dinner dishes. 刈包  Yì bāo - Taiwanese pork belly buns 地瓜球  Dìguā qiú - sweet potato balls 大腸包小腸 Dàcháng bāo xiǎocháng - sausage in sticky rice bun 大腸蚵仔麵線  Dàcháng hézǐ miàn xiàn - noodle soup with oysters and pork intestines 控肉飯  Kòng ròu fàn - braised pork on rice 水煎包  Shuǐ jiān bāo - steamed fried buns that come with a variety of fillings 滷肉飯  Lǔ ròu fàn - stewed pork rice 火雞肉飯  Huǒ jīròu fàn - turkey rice 牛肉麵  Niúròu miàn - beef noodles 皮蛋豆腐  Pídàn dòufu - century egg tofu 肉圓  Ròu yuán - Taiwanese meatballs 胡椒餅  Hújiāo bǐng - pepper cake 臭豆腐  Chòu dòufu - stinky tofu 蒸臭豆腐  Zhēng chòu dòufu - steamed spicy stinky tofu 蘿蔔糕  Luóbo gāo - turnip cake 蚵仔煎  Hézǐ jiān - oyster omelette 水餃 Shuǐjiǎo - dumplings 鍋貼 Guōtiē - fried dumplings 車輪餅  Chēlún bǐng - crispy wheel cake 鳳梨酥  Fènglí sū - pineapple cake 剉冰  Cuò bīng - shaved ice dessert with various toppings 花生捲冰淇淋   Huāshēng juǎn bīngqílín - pean

Taiwanese breakfast foods

One of the greatest aspects of Taiwan has to be the food. This post will cover traditional  Taiwanese breakfast dishes. Master the Chinese of these and you will be able to order them anywhere. 油條  Yóutiáo - deep fried dough stick which is extremely delicious 燒餅  Shāobǐng - these are sesame biscuits that come in a variety of filings. and can be fully customized 蛋餅  Dàn bǐng - Taiwanese breakfast quiche that come in a variety of filings. and can be fully customized 蔥油餅  Cōng yóubǐng - green onion pancake 飯糰  Fàntuán - rice ball that comes with a variety of fillings 鹹豆漿  Xián dòujiāng - salty soy milk The following is a list of items commonly added to the above: pork - 豬肉 Zhūròu beef - 牛肉 niúròu chicken - 雞 肉 jī ròu egg - 蛋 dàn green scallion - 青蔥 qīngcōng


There are a few options for grocery shopping available. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I have tried to rank them from cheap to expensive. PX Mart - limited selection of items but they have all of the basic necessities. They only sell food items and alcohol Costco - can't not put it on the list. They have by far the best prices on things such as bread, dairy, coffee, meat, bacon, ham and the list goes on. In comparison to shopping at Costco in Canada where the savings are minimal here, the savings are huge. It is well worth the trip. You will also find things such as pancake mix, maple syrup and a few others that are only available here. RT Mart - a step up from PX Mart. Generally these stores are two floors with one floor dedicated to household items such as appliances, electronics, organisation tools, and a second floor with food items. There is a wide variety of options available with a decent selection of international food items. Carrefour - there are two formats t