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Flying into, landing in TPE and quarantine life

With the previous posts covering my lead up to the move, it seems logical to move on to the process of flying into TPE. Please note, that the following is based on Covid conditions. Step 1 - get a Covid test performed within 72 hours of the flight. In Ontario and B.C. this can be done through Life Labs, and details can be found  here . It's a fairly straight forward process. Their website as a calculator to determine the period during which the test can be taken. Can book the test online. For Taiwan need the PCR/NAAT test which has a cost of $199+tax. The test itself is done at a Shoppers Drug Mart location in Toronto, and there's a listing where you can choose the closest location. After paying for the test online, there will be a form available to print that you will need to take with you along with your passport to the test location. They use a nose swab which takes a few seconds, and they email the test results within 24-48 hours after the test. Step 2 - within 48 of la

Getting ready for the move

With my flight booked for March 11th (original date), I began making final plans on the actual relocation. It was now November 2020 and there were only three months left to finalize everything, and we all know how fast time flies when you need to get a lot done. I won't bore you with all of the details, but here's a summary list of things I had to deal with: Business wise: Set up office to be fully remote Set up Voip phone system Set up fax, mail, courier services Personal items: Rent a place in Taipei Arrange for home office set up in Taipei, including internet Arrange for basic household necessities in Taipei Prepare cat and necessary paperwork  Decide whether to sell or rent my home Sell household items and furniture that was not going to be placed in storage Arrange storage Arrange shipping for personal items I was planning to take to Taiwan Get all paperwork in order Part of getting all of the paperwork in order was to have my degrees and designations authenticated. This i