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Why Taiwan may be right or wrong for you

 After a lot of deliberation, and with a bit of inspiration from a fellow gold card holder who's post can be found here , I have decided to write a post about whether you will find Taiwan suitable to you. Please note, that the following are my own views and observations, and you should always try to seek as many opinions as possible before deciding whether Taiwan is for you. I have personally found that Taiwan is not the place for me, so if you are looking for a post that will affirm your decision to relocate to Taiwan, you may want to find an alternate blog, or perhaps you may decide my reasons are not a deterrent for yourself. Before I get into details, there are a few cultural differences that I would like to highlight: Taiwan is #1 - there is a mindset in Taiwan held by both locals and foreigners that Taiwan is the #1 place on earth, despite a lack of immigration or anything else to suggest it is indeed #1. This applies to handling of Covid, living standards, healthcare, educat

Making Taiwan work

As a follow up to my previous post, as to why Taiwan, came the part of how to make Taiwan work for a relocation. Just as I was heading home on December 11, Covid was taking a hold in Asia. Unlike western nations that wouldn't realize the potential impact Covid would have until around mid-March, in Asia precautions were being implemented everywhere in December. Landing back in Toronto it seemed that the reaction in the pacific rim was just an exaggerated response to a problem that did not exist. This obviously all started to change. As I was heading back to Canada, I began making plans to relocate around July 2020. I started looking into the different visas, and how to be able to stay in Taiwan for a minimum of five years. I figured out that being Canadian meant I could spend up to 180 days in Taiwan on a visitor visa. As I work remotely, I figured this would work for me, as it would provide me with sufficient time to find a local job or something similar for me to obtain an ARC (