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Why Taiwan may be right or wrong for you

 After a lot of deliberation, and with a bit of inspiration from a fellow gold card holder who's post can be found here , I have decided to write a post about whether you will find Taiwan suitable to you. Please note, that the following are my own views and observations, and you should always try to seek as many opinions as possible before deciding whether Taiwan is for you. I have personally found that Taiwan is not the place for me, so if you are looking for a post that will affirm your decision to relocate to Taiwan, you may want to find an alternate blog, or perhaps you may decide my reasons are not a deterrent for yourself. Before I get into details, there are a few cultural differences that I would like to highlight: Taiwan is #1 - there is a mindset in Taiwan held by both locals and foreigners that Taiwan is the #1 place on earth, despite a lack of immigration or anything else to suggest it is indeed #1. This applies to handling of Covid, living standards, healthcare, educat

Learning Mandarin part 2

 As I am just over a week into my studies at MTC NTNU, I thought I should provide an update regarding the process and how I am finding the course so far. First, you will hear people calling the school one of three things, all of which are the same school: NTNU MTC Shide My previous post covered everything up to the application and can be found here . First, the process. With my application submitted and having received what NTNU considers an invoice (prices in NTD), I had to decide between the following: Regular A (6-10 students) - $26,400 Intensive A (6-9 students) - $36,000 Regular B (13-20 students) - $21,600 Intensive B (13-20 students) - $28,800 The above costs were for summer 2021, and on top there was a registration fee of $1,000 if paid on or before the registration date, and $2,500 if paid after the registration date, along with $300 for accident insurance. The difference as I found out after I attended the registration day (via zoom due to lockdowns) between regular and inten

Learning Mandarin part 1

I knew in advance of moving to Taiwan that life here would be difficult without knowing Mandarin, but wasn't expecting it to be as difficult as it really is. I should really thank my Taiwanese friend for going everywhere with me to get everything done. On my own I am really not sure what I would have been able to get accomplished. Really don't want this point to be lost on anyone. Now for my Mandarin learning experiences so far. This post will cover everything up to me signing up with NTNU, and part 2 will focus on everything following this and my experiences at NTNU. I have tried all of the following: Language exchange meet up groups - a few of them are: Multilingual Cafe Language Exchange Taiwan Travelling & Language Exchange Language Exchange Taipei Language exchange Facebook groups - a few of them are: 台北語言交換 Taipei Language Exchange Taipei Language exchange|台北語言交換 語言交換在台北Language Exchange in Taipei Finding an online Mandarin teacher/tutor - a few of them are: italki pr