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Learning Mandarin part 2

 As I am just over a week into my studies at MTC NTNU, I thought I should provide an update regarding the process and how I am finding the course so far. First, you will hear people calling the school one of three things, all of which are the same school: NTNU MTC Shide My previous post covered everything up to the application and can be found here . First, the process. With my application submitted and having received what NTNU considers an invoice (prices in NTD), I had to decide between the following: Regular A (6-10 students) - $26,400 Intensive A (6-9 students) - $36,000 Regular B (13-20 students) - $21,600 Intensive B (13-20 students) - $28,800 The above costs were for summer 2021, and on top there was a registration fee of $1,000 if paid on or before the registration date, and $2,500 if paid after the registration date, along with $300 for accident insurance. The difference as I found out after I attended the registration day (via zoom due to lockdowns) between regular and inten