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Goodbye Taiwan

 As I am pretty certain anyone following along has noticed, I did not quite enjoy my time in Taiwan (understatement). When I first decided to relocate to Taiwan, part of my assumption was that if things did not work out, I would be able to relocate elsewhere in Asia or Europe without the need to return first. This turned out to not be a possibility. As a result of this, and issues when exiting I thought it would be appropriate to write about my exit adventure, so that others are forewarned should their stay in Taiwan prove to not meet expectations. At the time of writing this I have already been out of Taiwan for 3 months. Trying to relocate elsewhere and the barriers Taiwan erects: Here are some of the countries I tried to get long tern visas for and the reasons I was not able to get them: Cambodia - offers one of the easiest paths to obtaining residency with very low requirements. However, as Cambodia is fully aligned with China, there are no embassies or trade offices in Taiwan thro

Bringing a cat into Taiwan part 2

In the first post about my cat, I covered the process on the Canadian side up to the point of sending my cat to Taipei. In this post I will cover everything that occured on the Taiwanese side once my cat arrived. My cat arrived into Taipei at 4:55 am on Friday, as mentioned in part 1. As also previously mentioned, I hired Jet Fast Pet in Taipei to take care of clearing my cat from customs and picking her up from quarantine. I did this, as first it took me a couple of days to get confirmation that my cat will arrive to the cargo building and not the terminal. After I received this confirmation, I could not get the BAPHIQ office to confirm with the quarantine facility NCHU in Taichung that I will be able to pick up my cat at the end of seven days in quarantine. NCHU told me that they would need to receive a clearance certificate from BAPHIQ prior to releasing the cat to me, and that I was not likely to receive this until day 8, whereas BAPHIQ insisted that I needed to pick up the cat a

Bringing a cat into Taiwan part 1

Can't forget the cat and the cat adventure. As I have included previously, discovered the issues that pertain to bringing the cat into Taiwan in September 2020, which required me to begin altering my plans. I managed to book the cat in for her rabies vaccine in October 2020, with a follow up for a titer test 30 days later. The rabies vaccine was straight forward, and so was the titer test. Got the titer test results just over 4 weeks later. At this point I started to figure out where to put my cat as I was planning to leave Canada before the 180 day mark following her titer test. I found Cats Castle in Oakville. It was the best decision I could have made. I will return to discuss Cats Castle shortly. With this set up it was time to find a company to ship the cat to Taiwan. For a pet exporter I turned to This site has registered exporters by country and city. I chose to go with Worldwide Animal Travel  ("WAT"). More on WAT further down. With the ca