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There are a few options for grocery shopping available. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I have tried to rank them from cheap to expensive. PX Mart - limited selection of items but they have all of the basic necessities. They only sell food items and alcohol Costco - can't not put it on the list. They have by far the best prices on things such as bread, dairy, coffee, meat, bacon, ham and the list goes on. In comparison to shopping at Costco in Canada where the savings are minimal here, the savings are huge. It is well worth the trip. You will also find things such as pancake mix, maple syrup and a few others that are only available here. RT Mart - a step up from PX Mart. Generally these stores are two floors with one floor dedicated to household items such as appliances, electronics, organisation tools, and a second floor with food items. There is a wide variety of options available with a decent selection of international food items. Carrefour - there are two formats t