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Taiwan Tax - part 1 overview

While this may be long overdue, this will be the first of a few posts regarding taxes in Taiwan. This is intended as much for foreigners looking to gain insight into the Taiwanese tax system, as much as I also hope it reaches the Taiwan Ministry of Finance. Please note that these posts will all be general in nature and are not meant to be taken as tax advice. One should always consult with a tax professional to discuss one's specific tax situation. This first post will cover an overview of personal taxes in Canada, the U.S., and Taiwan. First here's a quick overview of the taxation systems in Canada and the U.S.: Both countries operate under a self reporting system, meaning, any person liable for tax in either or both countries is supposed to report all of their taxable income voluntarily. Each person is also required to ensure full compliance with the tax rules in place. Where the government is not satisfied that a person is meeting all of their obligations, the government thr